Online Medical Transcription FAQ's

Do we need to install special software or purchase additional hardware to run CBayScribe?

No. CBayScribe transcripts are delivered via our state-of-the-art, online document management system. There is no need for you to purchase additional software, hardware, or licensing to access CBayScribe. As long as you are running internet Explorer 5.5 or higher (with 128-bit cipher strength), MS Word 2000 or higher, and Windows 2000, XP Home, XP Professional or Vista, and have the latest Java version and Flash Player installed, you can access your reports from any computer connected to the internet.

Can we access our documents on an Apple computer?

Yes. Doing so will require you to have the proper software from Apple that allows you to run internet Explorer 5.5 or higher with 128-bit Cipher Strength and Microsoft Word 2000 or higher, and has the latest Java version and Flash PLayer installed.

What does "standard end-of-next-business-day" delivery mean?

Dictations received by 11:59 PM EST will be transcribed and delivered by 5:30 PM EST the next business day.

Do you provide STAT options?

CBayScribe offers 4, 8, and 12 hour STAT options.

Can you interface with our EMR?

CBayScribe can interface with most any common EMR, and we do not charge additional fees to implement the interface. Learn more about the EMR systems we can integrate with.

Do you provide custom formatting for records and is there an additional charge?

Yes, our implementation team will work directly with you to acquire your specific report templates and letterhead. They will then format your templates into our system. Prior to going live, you will receive the formatted templates for review and approval. After we get your approval, you can begin using our system within 48 hours. We do not charge additional for creating custom templates. You only pay for the number of lines we transcribe.

How much do you charge for your service?

CBayScribe charges only for the actual lines we transcribe for you, and our pricing is highly competitive. You will, however, be responsible to purchase any DVR your clinicians use to dictate. The following services are included at no charge:

  • Custom report templates created for each unique dictator
  • Unlimited template updates for each unique dictator
  • Unlimited storage of transcribed documents for CBayScribe customers
  • Seamless, state-of-the-art security and redundancy provisions
  • Report access from any computer connected to the internet via CBayScribe
  • Unlimited customer service and support
  • Unlimited individual and group training for users
  • A dedicated internal CBayScribe Account Manager
  • A dedicated CBayScribe field representative for onsite assistance
  • Unlimited upgrades for built-in obsolescence management
  • Customized, direct interface of transcribed records with your EMR

Our practice is very large. Can you handle our output and how long does it take you to ramp-up?

CBayScribe employs thousands of medical transcriptionists who work specifically for us. Whatever your size, we can handle your volume immediately. Our average ramp-up time is five business days and is determined by your specific needs.

Is your system HIPAA Compliant?

Yes. All CBayScribe services and applications are 100% HIPAA compliant. CBayScribe is a secure, web-based document management access portal with 128-bit SSL technology for full HIPAA compliance.

Can you provide your service to our multiple locations at the same time?

Yes. CBayScribe enables you, your dictators, and your staff to access transcripts from any location, anytime. If you have a computer that meets our requirements, and you're on the internet, you can access your reports from anywhere, and we do not charge an additional fee for this service.

Do we have to commit all of our transcription to you?

No. CBayScribe can handle some or all of your transcription needs. We do not require you to commit to a specific volume each month. A number of our larger clients require their own, onsite transcriptionists and send us their monthly overflow.

Once we've made the decision to go with CBayScribe, how long does it take to get up and running?

Our process begins by providing you with the CBayScribe Implementation Procedure Guide. We will request that you provide us with standard information and sample documentation. Once we have received that documentation, a meeting will be scheduled with you and our implementation team to go over any questions you may have and make certain everything is properly in place. After that meeting, your go-live date will be within 48 hours.