We provide medical transcription services that you can access through the web. Dictate reports into a digital recorder, PC, or PDA and upload them to the CBayScribe web site using our MedReportPro™ software. Login to your CBayScribe account (with a password) on the next business day to view your reports.

Quality: We use a six point quality check and a multi-tier quality assurance system in order to ensure that your documents are transcribed accurately and quickly. Our standard quality policy is derived from the AAMT policy and we deliver an accuracy rating of 98.

Transcribed Report Formats: We use standard report formats for the various types of reports such as Discharge Summary, SOAP Notes, Operative note, Letter, History and Physical etc. You can specify which format to use at the beginning of each dictation, if this is not done, then our transcriptionists will use the one that seems best suited to the content.

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